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High Speed Wireless Internet
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Nomad Office

Give your business the freedom to experience a seamless, reliable and secure Broadband Internet Service.

About Airlive Office
Airlive Office is the first unique Wireless Broadband Internet Service available for corporations in India.

Based on WiFi the latest wireless Internet technology Airlive Office provides a fully optimized Metropolitan Wireless Broadband Solution. Completely secure and dynamic, Airlive Office delivers enhanced performance and superior reliability over wired Broadband Internet Solutions such as ADSL.

Airlive is completely independent from the local Telecom infrastructure, allowing it full control of its end-to-end backbone Internet Service at all times. Our network independence enables us to ensure faster broadband speeds, reliable service, and personalized after-sales customer support.

Why Use Airlive?Nomad Modem

   Unlimited Connectivity
   No Telephone Lines Required
   Immediate Service Delivery
   Secure Network
   Dedicated Support
   Personalized Customer Support.

With Airlive, connecting your business to the Internet is easy: simply
connect your Airlive Wireless CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) to your network and start surfing immediately.

Service Features

   Reliability & Performance

Airlive Office is one of the fastest, fully Wireless Broadband Data Solutions available, offering unparalled quality of service in terms of both speed and reliability. Completely scalable, the Airlive system grows as your enterprise itself expands.


By adopting the Wi Fi Technology, Airlive has chosen one of the most secure and flexible platforms in order to deliver high-speed Internet services to corporations. As a proprietary system based on international IT security standards, Airlive Office ensures complete corporate data security.


Airlive is committed to providing world-class after-sales support and customer care to ensure zero downtime. Our customer care agents and dedicated team of engineers are available to support you seven days a week. We strive to provide rapid-response times to ensure a seamless Internet service to our clients.

   Tailormade Solutions

Our Business Development Executives will listen to your requirements and will help you choose the most optimal Internet service and bandwidth, based on your specific business needs.
For Corporations requiring a large amount of bandwidth, Airlive goes the extra kms by offering customized Airlive Internet Solutions to perfectly match your requirements.

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Support : +91 9905653222