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Web Services
Web Services

Airlive can provide you with a host of web services that can do wonders for your business! Take your company to the start of a new age with your own website, totally custom-made to suit your business and creative requirements. Or get amazing cost savings for your business by using our Web Hosting or Server Collocation services.

Why Choose Us?

We host on the Parallel Plesk (also known as Hosting Software). Plesk hosting components are all easy to use, meaning that everyone can contribute to their development. .

  • The Parallels Plesk web platform is used in 60% of all servers in the world [ Source: IDC]. It is
     known to be      more reliable and scalable than the competition.
  • mySQL has been awarded the Database Management System of the Year 2005 by opensource
     community portal,( SourceForge.net.)
  • PHP is one of the fastest web languages at this time, much faster than JSP and ASP.NET.
    Even Oracle, one of the database giants, uses the object-oriented PHP5 in its new product line.

And that’s not all. With Airlive, you get a dedicated team that understands your requirements, customizes a solution to your specifications, and implements it for you. All this comes with excellent technical support for your hosting or collocation services. Arilive also brings you a dedicated team of designers who understand your business requirements and your creative needs, and will design a solution tailor-made to fulfill your website's objectives.

Support : +91 9905653222