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High Speed Wireless Internet
About Us
Company Profile

Based in Ranchi, Speed Airlive Broadband Services Private Limited is a company started in February 2010, with the objective to provide better consumer services to the customers. Making false commitments, promises and charging heavy cost for services from existing players laid the foundation stone of the company..

Its has branch office in Ranchi India .

Incorporated in Febuary 2010 and branch office at the Ranchi city, Speed Airlive Broadband Services Private Limited is the second largest Wireless Internet Service Provider in East India which deals with end users to corporate customers.

The Company’s Vision is to be a recognized as IT service provider that provides best internet broadband solutions delivered by best-in-class people." Speed Airlive Broadband Services Private Limited seeks to achieve customer delight through excellence customer service based on creative combination of new technology at affordable prices. “It aims to be a leading wireless ISP in India and Asia, providing innovative, user-friendly and affordable Internet Services that help democratize Internet Access and support the growth of the ICT sector.”

Speed Airlive Broadband Services offers a range of Internet services for individuals and Corporates, including dial-up and wireless broadband connectivity, web design and hosting, online content and e-mail, and an upcoming Airlive Data Centre (ADC).

In its quest to constantly innovate, we have introduced “AIRLIVE” - the First Wireless Broadband Internet Service in Ranchi, in July 2010. Unlike ADSL, Speed Airlive Broadband Services does not require a telephone line. Based on the emerging WiFi standard, Speed Airlive Broadband Services enables customers to access high-speed Internet on their computer anywhere, anytime – within the coverage area. The completion of the terrain-wide coverage by 2011 will make India the first country in the world to have a contiguous nationwide Wireless Broadband network.

Speed Airlive Broadband Services also offers a wide range of Internet solutions to enterprises, including:

  •   Shared Internet Bandwidth:

       128kbps,256kbps,512kbps and 1mbps premium shared Internet connections are available with
       asynchronous and synchronous download/upload options.

  •   Dedicated Bandwidth:

      Available from 64 kbps upwards till 2mbps and beyond, this solution is ideal for companies requiring
      fixed bandwidth for international data or voice communication over IP.

  •   Inter-Office Links:

       The networks of the Headquarter and local branch offices can be interconnected through carrier        grade wireless “Point to Point” links, ensuring seamless interoffic data communication in Mauritius.

  •   Web Hosting:

      Website,Mail or application servers can be hosted at the ADC (Airlive Data Centre) with 24/7
      technical maintenance and support.

Speed Airlive Broadband Services provides integrated solutions catering to your specific requirements and budget. Our ultimate objective is to help our customers grow by providing them with long-term, reliable and scalable data communication solutions.
Support : +91 9905653222