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High Speed Wireless Internet
Have a solid signal light, but cannot connect to the Internet?
(IP connectivity)
If you're using an Ethernet Airlive Wireless CPE, check that the LED indicator on the CPE and the Ethernet port is lighting or not. The LED lights can be found at the bottom of your Airlive Wireless CPE, and the back of your Ethernet port/adapter on your PC/laptop.
If it is not lighting, make the following checks:
-   Verify if the switch is on.
-   Check if power plug is properly connected.
-   Check if Ethernet or USB cable is properly inserted into the ports.
     If the cable has been not properly inserted a message will appear on the
     right hand corner of the screen, stating that network cable has been plugged.
-   Try removing and re-inserting the Ethernet cable.
Make sure that your antivirus software, firewalls or other security software is not interfering with your Internet connection.
Installation Guide

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Having connection issues?
Before contacting Customer Care, try these quick checks:
-   Ensure power is turned on by checking that the power indicator light is green.
-   Ensure that all cables are firmly in place from the computer to the Airlive Wireless CPE.
-   To ensure you are receiving maximum signal strength to your Airlive Wireless CPE
    change the position of the Airlive Wireless CPE until the signal light is ok near to anout 20 dbi or more.
My Airlive Wireless CPE   Connection Light Blinking connection light is not blinking red and
I can't get a connection, what do I do?
If your Airlive Wireless CPE's connection dbi is below 18 dB, this means that the signal is not strong enough to connect to the Airlive Wireless Network. To improve the reception of your Airlive Wireless CPE you should try the following:
  a.  Try changing the orientation of the Airlive Wireless CPE. Changing the angle at which the Airlive Wireless
       CPE is hanging on top about 10 feet can be just as effective as mounting the Airlive Wireless CPE
       to a new position on top of your house terrace.
  b. Move your Airlive Wireless CPE as close as possible to a terrace and
      place the Airlive Wireless CPE on an hose pipe 10 feet long. The further
      your Airlive Wireless CPE is outdoors and away from terrace, the weaker       the signal may become. Signals may become too weak if they have to
      penetrate through high terrain or hilly areas or bushy long trees,
      as well as some high buildings. Note: some high buildings may
      contain high levels of metal, which may obstruct signal.
Modem Shifting

c.  If (a) does not work, test your Airlive Wireless CPE on different roofs of your home or building. If the signal becomes near to 18dB - 40dB , then you are receiving signal in that particular location. In this case, we recommend that you place your Airlive Wireless CPE in that location and extend CAT 5 fibre cable to your computer's location. Alternatively, we recommend that you re-locate your computer as close as possible to the position where the Airlive Wireless CPE receives a constant signal.


If none of the above solutions work, please call our Customer Care on +91 9905653222 for assistance. OR HAVE A LOOK AT THE CONNECTION SCENARIO and verify yourself
Connection Light Blinking
Support : +91 9905653222