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High Speed Wireless Internet

As part of our constant efforts to improve your experience with Airlive , we proudly bring you the Airlive Assistant. This is a tool that has been specially designed by a team keeping your requirements in mind.

Airlive Assistant will help you with any connection problems that you might experience. It has the following components:

  1. Connection Assistant - which will check if there are any problems with your connection. This feature will also highlight if there are any other factors like firewalls which may be creating a problem for your connection.
  2. Reception Assistant - which will check the strength and quality of the signal you are receiving. It will also help you to position your modem such that you receive the most optimum signal.
  3. Refresh Connection - this will perform the "Refresh" function for your connection and hence clear out any problems that might be occurring because of IP address allocation
  4. Help - this will take you to the "Help" section on our website so that you can obtain any additional information that you require.

Support : +91 9905653222