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High Speed Wireless Internet
This section contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Airlive Wireless Broadband service.
Airlive Wireless CPE continuously shows "no dB" and I can't get a connection, what should I do?

Solution 1

Move your Airlive Wireless CPE as close as possible to a window at high building about 30-40 feet tall and place the CPE on an elevated shelf. The further your Airlive Wireless CPE is indoors and away from windows,terrace the weaker the signal may become. Signals may become too weak if they have to penetrate through concrete or metal walls, as well as steel roofs.
Note: Glazed windows may contain high levels of metal, which may obstruct signal.

Solution 2

If solution 1 does not work, test your Airlive Wireless CPE in different rooms of your home or building or finally on your terrace. If the connection shows "20 dB or more" and at least 17 dB, then you are receiving signal in that particular location. In this case, we recommend you place your Modem in that location and extend the network cable to your computer's location. Alternatively, you can relocate your computer as close as possible to where the Airlive Wireless CPE receives a strong signal.

If none of the solutions work, please call our Customer Care on +91 9905653222 for assistance.We will send a technician to assist you to ensure that you obtain Airlive Service in the shortest amount of time.

I am receiving a good signal but I cannot connect to the Internet, what should I do? (Airlive Wireless CPE)

Check that the LED indicator on the Ethernet port is lighting at the sametime lighting on POE of CPE. The LED light can be found at the bottom of your Airlive Wireless CPE, and the back of your Ethernet port/adapter (on your laptop/PC).

If the LED is NOT lighting, make the following checks:
  • Is the switch on POE (power on ethernet) of the Airlive Wireless CPE?
  • Is the power plug properly connected?
  • Is the Ethernet cable properly inserted into the ports? If the cable has not been properly inserted, a message will appear on the right hand corner of the screen, stating that the network cable is unplugged.
  • Try removing and re-inserting the Ethernet cable.
  • Make sure that your antivirus software, firewall or other security software is not interfering with your Internet connection.
Support : +91 9905653222