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Server Collocation

Airlive offers a great opportunity to reduce downtime and save on Internet Access & Maintenance Costs with its Server Collocation Service.

Collocation is a service where we host your server in our facilities, provide your server with power and Internet access, and supply server maintenance according to your needs. Benefits of Server Collocation with airlive include:

   Savings on Internet access costs.

    Since your server will be hosted at our office, it will always have access to the Internet via our cable
    which we have very high speed connection to.

   Reductions in installation and operational costs.

    Since you do not have pay for a dedicated room with high class air-conditioning and Uninterrupted Power     Supply units and engineers for setup and maintenance, the collocation cost incurred is a lot lower than
    that of having to run your own data centre.

   Increases in speed

    Since we are always connected to Internet via a very high speed, reliable line to the Asia Pac & indian sub     continent, your servers are always available at high speeds (provided your machine can cope with such     high network speed).

   Cost savings on dedicated servers

    If you do not own a server yet, we will provide you with one of the best performers or best value servers     available in the market, depending on your needs. Our System Engineers will analyse your requirements
    and recommend the best solution for your business.

Email us at contact@airliveinda.com for a free quote.

Support : +91 9905653222