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High Speed Wireless Internet
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Net Mail

AirMail is one of the most powerful email services available, complete with spam control, large attachment support, online storage and many more features; it can be configured for use with your preferred email client including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

Features of NetMail:

   10MB Mailbox and 10MB Attachment Support.
   Built-in File Sharing support with Guest Accounts and NetFolder
   Calendar and Organizer
   Photo Gallery and Photo Sharing.

Free Online Storage & File Sharing

Want to share multiple files with your friends?
No diskette to save your files to another computer?
Need an online, accessible anywhere backup of your files?
NetFolder does all of that and even more!

NetFolder is an online storage facility included with your AirMail account. NetFolder allows you to protect your files with a password and create logins for your friends, allowing them to share your files, tasks, and journal or even use NetMail for groupware.

Click here to login to your AirMail Account.

Click here to login via a Guest Account to access shared resources from Airmail

Support : +91 9905653222