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At an inaugural meeting in Ranchi, founding members Speed Airlive Broadband Services Pvt Ltd, members from TilakRaj Infotech announced the launch of the Wi-Fi Spectrum Owners Association (Wi-FiSOA), the first global organisation composed exclusively of companies that own spectrum and operate services in the Wi-Fi bands.

The work of Wi-FiSOA will be fundamental to connecting the next billion users to a worldwide Wi-Fi broadband network.

Wi-FiSOA also announced its intention to sign the first international Wi-FiSOA roaming agreement in December2010. This roaming agreement will cover all Wi-Fi services and operate in all Wi-Fi frequency ranges. The agreement will act as the backbone of a future global Wi-Fi network and adheres to the international standards.

"WiFi is a disruptive technological breakthrough in the telecommunications sector, and will deliver personal broadband to enable users to access the Web, make telephone calls, watch videos and play music," said Amit, Director of Wi-FiSOA. "Wi-FiSOA is established to facilitate the adoption of Wi-Fi globally, and with its exclusive membership of spectrum owners only, is in a unique position to do so."

Wi-FiSOA is an operator-driven alliance with clear commercial goals. It has parallels with similar successful industry alliances such as the cable and telephony industry associations. It will complement the work of the Wi-Fi Forum and work closely with them to accelerate Wi-Fi deployment worldwide.

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